EnergyCasino is a casino they use DJs

EnergyCasino is one of many web casinos that lure with bonuses, numbers of possible games and unique conditions for games. But how does it really look. The first thing that catches the eye is the lay out. Colorful images and fonts on the black background pleases the eye and what is more important are easy to read. Navigation through the interface is rather intuitive and shouldn’t create any problems even for the first time visitor.

Together it creates the impression of the casino being a joyful place. After a short process of registration one can start exploring the content. Many well-made games guarantee that everybody will find something interesting. What I found very convenient is the possibility of playing demo version of each game what may safe one from losing the money for not knowing the rules of particular game.

Each account is given five hundreds credits for demo versions so if toughly played should be enough for checking which game one like the most. Very useful are also provided for every game descriptions that presents the basic rules of a given game. As in every casino also here the main aim is to play the games. I have decided to describe the ones I find the most interesting.

European Roulette

The aim of Roulette is to guess which number the ball will land on in the wheel. The players mark his/her guess and bet by placing chips on the table. As soon as the player has made his/her bet, he/she can start the wheel by pressing the button “Spin” or “Quick Spin“. As soon as the ball lands on a number confirmation will be given whether a player has won. If a player guesses correctly, the winnings shall be awarded. Visually the game is very attractive. Animation is smooth and textures are well-made. I was quite surprised as for knowing many browser games I had been expecting something of definitely lower quality.



Black Jack was another game that chained me to the screen. The aim of Blackjack is to have a hand worth more points than that of the bank without exceeding 21. The player may play up to three hands simultaneously. For each hand there is an area on the table, where the stake can be placed. There is a minimum and maximum stake per hand. As soon as the stake has been placed, the cards are dealt. For each hand the player receives two cards. The dealer also receives two cards, one of which is covered.

For each hand the player can decide to receive a card by choosing to ‘hit’. If the value of the hand is below 22 and the player does not wish to receive a further card, he/she can opt to ‘stick’. The value of the hand is frozen and the next hand is up. If the value of the hand exceeds 21 with the additional card, this is said to be ‘bust’ and the next hand is up. Before an additional card is received, the player has the option to ‘double’.

If this is chosen, the player receives just one more card and the next hand is played. If one of the new hands has a value of 21 with just two cards, this does not count as Blackjack. If two Aces are split, only one further card can be added before the remaining hands are played. Once all of the players have completed their hands, the dealer takes his turn. The card, which originally faced downwards, is revealed and the dealer takes cards until he has at least 17 points. The round is then brought to a close and the winner is revealed.


Book of Ra

This was the first game I have decided to play while visiting the casino. The aim with Book of Ra™ deluxe is to land 5 matching symbols along a win line. In the regular game, every winning combination begins on the left and runs along the win line to the right. To win, the symbols must lie next to each other without any other symbols between them. The game is easy both to play and to figure out how it works. Visually it is attractive and it is difficult to find something negative about it.

Energy Casino as it name suggests is full of energy and interesting games that may stick one to the chair for long hours. With it intuitive interface, well-written descriptions and fabulous games Energy Casino is great offer for everybody who wants to spend a good time and try his or her luck.

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